2 cars, different speed, but intersection

2 cars, blue and red


There are 2 cars, the blue car is going 60mph and the red car is going 40mph. They both started at the same time however they still cross each other at some point.


They are traveling in opposite directions.


Ah, the thrilling world of intersecting paths and dynamic speeds! In this exhilarating scenario, we find ourselves presented with two cars: a blue car and a red car. Both cars embark on their journeys simultaneously, and yet, despite their different speeds, they manage to cross each other along the way.

At first, it would seem like the riddle says that the cars are racing each other in the same direction, but that was not mentioned. The key to unraveling this riddle lies in recognizing a crucial detail: the cars are traveling in opposite directions. While the blue car zips along at a swift 60 miles per hour, the red car maintains a steady pace of 40 miles per hour.

As the cars move forward, their paths eventually intersect, allowing them to cross each other’s trajectories. This point of intersection occurs because their directions are in opposition to one another.

This concept of relative motion allows for the blue and red cars to meet and cross paths despite their different speeds. It’s a fascinating display of how motion and direction can intertwine, resulting in these captivating moments of convergence on the open road.

So, dear riddle enthusiasts, the answer lies in the simple fact that the direction of motion was never specified in the riddle. Thus it only makes sense to assume that the directions are opposite as shown in the figure below:

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