A woman walks into a bar and asks for water

An attractive woman walks into a bar


An attractive woman walks into a bar and asks for a glass of water, the bartender immediately pulls a gun out from behind the bar and aims it at her. why?


The woman wanted the water because she had the hiccups. The bar tender pulled the gun to scare the woman in hopes of helping her get rid of them.


Picture this: a captivating scene unfolds as an attractive woman gracefully enters a bustling bar. In a surprising turn of events, she boldly requests a seemingly innocent glass of water. However, what transpires next is an unexpected twist that leaves us pondering the motives behind the bartender’s drastic action.

With a swift and alarming motion, the bartender reaches behind the bar, retrieving a concealed weapon and aims it at the woman. But why would such a seemingly innocuous request elicit such a drastic response?

As we delve deeper into this puzzling scenario, we discover that there’s more than meets the eye. You see, the woman’s request for water had a hidden purpose. She was suffering from a bout of hiccups, those unpredictable spasms that can disrupt even the most poised of individuals.

Now, the astute bartender, well-versed in the art of hiccup remedies, employs a surprising tactic – which is a popular way of getting rid of hiccups. By brandishing the gun and startling the woman, he aims to shock her system and, in turn, provide a potential cure for her hiccups. It’s a classic case of resorting to extreme measures in the pursuit of relieving a bothersome condition.

So, my curious companions, the bartender’s unconventional response to the woman’s request for water stems from a desire to help her overcome the pesky hiccups that plagued her. It’s a clever and unexpected solution to an age-old predicament.

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