What Are You Called as You Grow Older?

What Are You Called as You Grow Older?


Big birthdays are like leveling up in the game of life, and guess what? Each level comes with its own cool club name! It’s like unlocking a new badge of honor. If you’re curious about what your current (or future) age club is called, you’re in the right spot. Let’s jump into the age club names and see where you or your loved ones fit.

Meet the Age Clubs

  • The Teen Spirit: Denarians

Just stepped into your teens? You’re a denarian! This club is all about exploring, learning, and beginning to figure out your place in the world. It’s the time for firsts—first loves, first jobs, and the first taste of independence. Denarians are navigating the exciting and sometimes awkward transition from child to adult.

  • The Roaring 20s: Vicenarians

Welcome to your 20s, where life feels like a rollercoaster of emotions, ambitions, and dreams. It’s a decade of self-discovery, setting the foundation for your career, and perhaps starting to think about long-term relationships. This club is for those ready to take on the world, one step at a time.

  • The Thriving 30s: Tricenarians

Welcome to the tricenarian club, the 30-somethings! This decade often means juggling personal growth, career advancement, and maybe family life. It’s about coming into your own, feeling more settled in who you are, and still keeping the flame of your dreams and goals alive.

  • The Fabulous 40s: Quadragenarians

Quadragenarians, or those in their 40s, find this decade to be a powerful mix of confidence, experience, and still a hunger for life’s adventures. It’s often a time of reflection on what’s been achieved and what’s still on the horizon. This club has the wisdom to know what matters and the energy to pursue it.

  • The Fantastic 50s: Quinquagenarians

Entering your 50s means joining the quinquagenarians. This age is about embracing change, maybe welcoming grandkids, or rediscovering passions that took a backseat. It’s also a great time for new adventures, with a wealth of experience to guide the way.

  • The 60s Crew: Sexagenarians

Welcome to your 60s, where you become a proud sexagenarian! This club is for those who’ve danced into their sixth decade. It’s about embracing freedom, maybe from work or newfound hobbies. Most people retire when they get to this club!

  • The 70s Gang: Septuagenarians

Stepping into the 70s? Say hello to being a septuagenarian. This age club is all about wisdom with a twist of daring. It’s for those who’ve earned their stripes and aren’t afraid to use them. Think of it as the freedom decade, where you can spoil the grandkids, travel, or pick up that hobby you always said you’d do “someday.”

  • The 80s Squad: Octogenarians

Hit 80? Welcome to the octogenarians! It’s not just about being 80; it’s about rocking it. Think of it as being part of an exclusive club where wisdom meets zest for life.

  • The 90s Circle: Nonagenarians

Cruising into the 90s? You’re now a nonagenarian. This club is all about proving that age is just a number, and life’s still for living. It’s the secret club where stories and experiences are richer than ever.

  • The Century Mark: Centenarians

Made it to 100? That’s centenarian territory! You’re in the league that sees life in triple digits. It’s like getting a gold medal in aging—only cooler, because you’ve seen the world change in a hundred different ways.

  • The Elite 110+: Supercentenarians

Over 110? You’re a superhero in human form, aka a supercentenarian. This club is so exclusive, it’s like the VIP lounge of life, where members are rare and their stories are legendary.

  • Semisesquicentenarian:

While not commonly used, this term refers to someone who has lived to the age of 150 years or more. It’s more of a theoretical term, as the documented cases of people reaching this age are virtually nonexistent.


Being part of these clubs isn’t just about getting older; it’s about celebrating the journey, the laughs, the lessons, and, yes, even the wrinkles. Each decade brings its own adventures, challenges, and, best of all, stories to tell.
So, what’s your age club? Whether you’re just gearing up to join one of these clubs or you’re already a proud member, remember: each year is worth celebrating. Let’s embrace our age clubs with pride and a dash of humor. After all, life’s too short not to enjoy the milestones and the quirky titles that come with them.

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