Forward it’s heavy, backward it’s not. What is it?

Forward it's heavy, backward it's not. What is it?


Forward it’s heavy, backward it’s not. What is it?


The word “heavy” or “ton”


In this intriguing riddle, we encounter a wordplay challenge that requires us to think about the word “heavy” and its properties when read forward and backward. Let’s dive into the puzzle and uncover its clever solution.

The riddle states that when the word is read forward, it is heavy, but when read backward, it is not. So, what word fits this description? The answer lies within the riddle itself—the word is “heavy.”

When we read the word “heavy” forward, we associate it with the concept of weight or something substantial in terms of mass. It carries the idea of being burdensome or having a considerable heft.

However, when we reverse the word “heavy” and read it backward, it becomes “yvaeh.” By doing so, the word loses its meaning and no longer carries the same connotation of weight or heaviness.

The same goes for the word “Ton”. 1 Ton is about 1000kg, which signifies heavy. But when spelt backwards, it’s literally “NOT”.

Wordplay riddles like this one showcase the cleverness of language and the delightful twists that can be found within words themselves. They challenge us to think creatively and consider the multiple dimensions and interpretations of language.

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