How many apples do you have?

bowl of apples


There’s a bowl with seven apples. You remove three. How many do you have?




Alright, my riddle-loving friends, let’s unravel the mystery of the apples! Imagine a bowl filled with seven juicy apples. Now, let’s embark on a little apple adventure. You reach out and pluck three apples from the bowl, one by one. So, here comes the big question: how many apples do you have?

Drumroll, please! The answer is three! Yes, you heard it right. You have those three apples in your possession. The riddle cleverly asked how many apples “you” have, not how many are left in the bowl. So, those three apples are all yours to enjoy, savor, or share with friends.

It’s a playful twist that challenges our assumptions and makes us think beyond the obvious. The riddle reminds us to pay attention to the specific wording and embrace the unexpected in our quest for riddle-solving glory.

A similar riddle is the one who shaves every day but still rocks a beard!

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