How many ducks can you see in the picture?

How many ducks can you see in the picture?


How many ducks can you see in the picture?


15 (or 16)


The explanation is shown in the image below.

Initially, the picture seems to depict a grid of cute cartoon ducks arranged in a 3×3 pattern. As with many riddles, this setup is intentionally misleading, leading people to quickly arrive at the incorrect answer of 9 ducks. However, for the sharp-eyed puzzle solvers, there is a surprise awaiting.

In reality, there are nearly double the number of ducks compared to what meets the eye at first glance. Let’s take a closer look at each of the seemingly nine ducks, moving from left to right and top to bottom, to discover the true count.

The first duck is indeed a single duck. But if you examine the next duck closely, particularly around its head and beak, you’ll spot a second duck partially hidden behind the first. So, in the first two icons, we actually have three ducks.

The third duck poses a similar challenge. There’s a smaller duck concealed near its wing and feet. As we move to the next row, the fourth duck includes a second duck staggered behind it. The fifth duck also has a hidden small duck near its feet. At this point, we have reached a count of nine ducks, and we’re only halfway there!

The sixth duck icon sparks some debate. Some people see only one duck, while others notice a marking on its wing that is absent from the other icons, leading them to interpret it as an additional duck. To maintain the most widely accepted answer, we’ll consider it as two ducks.

Moving to the final row, the seventh icon consists of three ducks (the extra two are fairly easy to spot). The last two icons each contain one duck. So, with these additions, we arrive at a total of 16 ducks (or 15 if we disregard the supposed second duck in the sixth icon).

And there you have it: a grand total of 16 ducks! This riddle shares a similar concept with the Triangle Riddle that we previously featured on our page.

The image is shown below:

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