RGB or RYB, What Are the True Primary Colors?


Colors are everywhere, and knowing about primary colors helps us understand how they work. Some say the primary colors are RGB (Red, Green, Blue). Others say it’s RYB (Red, Yellow, Blue). Let’s look into this and find out more about RGB and RYB.

RGB: Colors of Light

RGB means Red, Green, and Blue. These are used in screens like your phone or computer. When these colors mix in different ways, they can make lots of colors, even white. It’s like magic with light that makes everything you see on screens.

RYB: Colors of Art

RYB stands for Red, Yellow, and Blue. These are the colors artists have used for a long time to mix paint and make new colors. It’s all about mixing paints to get the color you want. This way of mixing colors is old but very important for making art.

Why Are There Two Types?

RGB and RYB are used for different things. RGB is for screens and light. RYB is for paint and art. RGB makes colors by adding light. RYB makes colors by mixing paint, which takes some colors away to make new ones.


So, are primary colors RGB or RYB? It depends on what you’re doing. For screens and anything with light, it’s RGB. For painting and making art, it’s RYB. Both are important and help us create and enjoy colors in everything from art to technology.


  • Can we use RGB and RYB the same way?
    • No, they work best for their own things—RGB for screens and RYB for art. Mixing them up might not give you the colors you expect.
  • Why do printers use CMYK instead of RYB?
    • Printers use CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) because it can make more colors and details, which is great for printing almost anything.

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