What is 15%5? – The Modulo Operation



What is 15%5?


0 (Zero)


Welcome to our exciting quiz on the modulo operator! Get ready to dive into the world of remainders and discover the magic of modular arithmetic.

When we calculate 15%5, we are essentially asking, “What is the remainder when 15 is divided by 5?” The modulo operator, denoted by the percentage sign (%), helps us find this remainder.

In this case, 15 divided by 5 gives us 3, with no remainder. Therefore, the answer to our quiz question is 0. The modulo operator allows us to express this concept succinctly as 15%5 = 0.

But that’s just the beginning! Let’s explore more examples to understand the versatility and usefulness of the modulo operator.

Example 1: What is 9%4? When we divide 9 by 4, we get 2 with a remainder of 1. Therefore, 9%4 equals 1.

Example 2: What is 17%6? Dividing 17 by 6 gives us 2 with a remainder of 5. Hence, 17%6 equals 5.

Example 3: What is 30%7? When we divide 30 by 7, we get 4 with a remainder of 2. So, 30%7 is equal to 2.

As you can see, the modulo operator allows us to focus on the remainders, which can be helpful in various situations. It finds applications in computer programming, cryptography, calendar calculations, and more.

So, the next time you encounter a modulo operation, remember that it’s all about finding the remainder. Embrace the power of remainders and let modular arithmetic add a touch of excitement to your mathematical journey!

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