Which is the odd one?

Which is the odd shape


Which is the odd one out of these shapes?


The first square is the odd one – each of the others has some unique feature (shape, boundary, color, size), except for it.


Alright, my puzzle-loving pals, let’s dive into this intriguing quiz and identify the odd one out among the given shapes. Prepare those sharp eyes and keen minds!

We have five unique shapes lined up, each with its own distinctive features. Our mission is to pinpoint the odd one, the shape that stands apart from the rest. Let’s analyze each shape and its unique attribute:

The trick is to realize that all these shapes possess some unique feature that can be used to describe each particular one, and only it alone.

Friends, let’s start this exciting journey from the last one. Yes, shape E!

What makes E unique? Well, it’s the only one with a distinct smaller size. While the other shapes share a similar scale and size, this one catches our attention with its petite dimensions, making it the odd one in terms of size.

Now, let’s focus on the fourth shape. Ah, yes, it’s the only one in the group that takes the form of a circle. While the others showcase square shapes, this shape embraces the elegance and symmetry of a circle, setting it apart from its polygon companions.

Next up, we encounter the third shape, which is the sole blue shape in the group. Amidst the other ones, this one stands out with its vibrant blue hue, making it the odd one in terms of color.

Moving on to the second shape, we notice that it’s the only shape without a border. Take a closer look, and you’ll see that all the other shapes proudly display a boundary, while this one is left unenclosed, free-spirited, and boundary-less.

Finally, to our answer, A. The first square seems to be the odd one in this group. Why, you ask? Well, it doesn’t possess any unique features like the others. Unlike its companions, it doesn’t boast a distinct shape, boundary, color, or size. It’s the simple, humble square that doesn’t stand out in any particular way.

So, my fellow puzzle enthusiasts, after examining each shape and its individual features, the answer to the quiz is the first square. Among the group of shapes, it lacks the uniqueness that its companions possess.

Remember, in the realm of puzzles and quizzes, it’s all about observation, analysis, and spotting those subtle differences that set things apart.

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