10 people in a room, and one apple

ten people and an apple


There are 10 people in a room and each person can see the entire room and everyone else. You want to place an apple so all but one person can see it. Where would you place the apple?


Place the apple on one person’s head.


(An image is shown at the end of the explanation)

In this intriguing scenario, where all ten individuals in the room possess a panoramic view of their surroundings and each other, the answer lies in a delightful bit of wordplay. The solution to this puzzle involves placing the apple not in the physical space, but rather on one of the people themselves!

Imagine this: You take the apple and place it directly on the head of one of the individuals in the room. By doing so, you ensure that all but the person serving as the “platform” for the apple can see it. Each person’s line of sight encompasses the entire room and everyone else, allowing them to observe the apple perched upon their fellow participant.

In this playful twist, the solution lies in taking advantage of the fact that all individuals can see the room and each other. By placing the apple on one of them, you create a scenario where all but that person can witness the apple’s presence.

Oh, the delightful simplicity and cleverness of this answer! By using a bit of wordplay and thinking outside the box, we arrive at the solution that sparks a chuckle and puts a twist on our expectations.

So, my fellow riddle enthusiasts, the answer to this intriguing challenge is to place the apple on one of the individuals themselves, transforming them into the pedestal upon which the apple sits, visible to all but the chosen one, as shown below.

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