Ann, Mary, and the Apple Tree

2 friends Ann and Mary


2 friends Ann and Mary went for a bush walk. Suddenly heavy rain started, the girls saw an abandoned house and decided to get shelter in the house. When the rain stopped, the friends were very hungry. So, they went different ways to find fruit.

Ann found an apple tree but when she ate an apple, she turned into a tree. Half an hour later Mary got there and she heard someone say: “Your friend turned into a tree, you must find her to bring her back. You only have one chance. If you get it wrong, your friend will remain a tree forever.” How can Mary find out which tree is her friend?


Since it rained half an hour back, all the trees in the forest must be wet. The only tree that is not wet is Mary’s friend Ann.


Ah, the mysterious tale of Ann and Mary, caught in an unexpected twist of fate during their bush walk. As the rain poured down and sought refuge in an abandoned house, their hunger led them on separate paths to find fruit. Little did they know that this journey would lead them to a perplexing challenge.

Ann, in her search for sustenance, stumbled upon an apple tree. However, when she consumed one of its apples, a peculiar transformation occurred, turning her into a tree herself. Time passed, and Mary arrived at the scene, only to be met with a mysterious voice proclaiming the urgency of finding her friend and offering a single chance to bring her back. The weight of the decision lay heavy upon Mary’s shoulders.

So, the question arises: How can Mary determine which tree is her friend, Ann, in order to restore her human form? The solution lies in observing the aftermath of the rain that had recently subsided.

You see, my inquisitive friends, when it rains, all the trees in the forest become drenched in water. However, since the two friends were under a shelter throughout the rain, there was no way that the tree that Ann turned to would be wet like the other trees!

By carefully examining the trees in the forest, Mary can identify her friend by seeking out the one tree that stands apart from the rest, devoid of any dampness or moisture. This tree, untouched by the rain, will reveal itself as Mary’s lost friend, Ann.

In this intricate puzzle of friendship and transformation, the ability to discern the dry tree amidst the wet ones serves as the key to unlocking Ann’s return to human form.

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