A prisoner died in cell number 13


A prisoner died in cell number 13. How can you take his body out of the prison through Gate 4?

The conditions :

  • The body must pass through all the cells for all prisoners to see.
  • No prisoner is allowed to see him more than once.


Welcome to a perplexing prison conundrum that demands both strategic thinking and a keen understanding of the situation. In this enigma, the objective is to respectfully transport the deceased prisoner’s body out of the prison through Gate 4, while ensuring that every prisoner gets a single opportunity to witness it.

The given conditions are clear-cut:

  1. The body must journey through each and every cell, giving every prisoner a chance to see it.
  2. To maintain fairness and prevent undue repetition, no prisoner should encounter the body more than once.

The solution lies in meticulously crafting a path that guarantees adherence to these constraints. So, let’s dive into the logical maneuver that allows us to achieve this seemingly complex task.

  • To circumvent this issue, we utilize the fact that the deceased’s body can pass through Room 13 multiple times without any concern.

The path is highlighted in the image below:

Now, let’s outline the step-by-step approach that solves this puzzle:

  1. Begin by transporting the body to Room 14.
  2. Return the body to Room 13, allowing it to re-enter this room without any limitations.
  3. Guide the body from Room 13 to Room 9.
  4. Progress from Room 9 to Room 10.
  5. Continue moving to Room 11.
  6. Advance to Room 15.
  7. Proceed further to Room 16.
  8. Reach Room 12.
  9. Transfer the body to Room 8.
  10. Continue to Room 7.
  11. Move forward to Room 6.
  12. Progress to Room 5.
  13. Enter Room 1.
  14. Continue to Room 2.
  15. Finally, arrive at Room 3.

With meticulous execution of this sequence, the deceased’s body traverses each cell of the prison, granting each prisoner a single viewing in line with the stipulated conditions. The strategy’s success is rooted in the fact that Room 13 is empty, allowing multiple entries without any violations.

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