Food quiz: Find the value of “?”

Food quiz Fine the value of


Food quiz: Find the value of “?”


15 (What? It’s not 25?? Let’s find out below)


Let’s dive into the mathematical feast of coffee (C), burgers (B), and French fries (F). Prepare your taste buds for an appetizing journey into the world of equations and flavors!

As we embark on this mathematical quest, we’re presented with a series of equations, each unveiling a delightful piece of the puzzle.

  1. 3C = 30 In the first equation, we’re greeted with the aroma of 3 cups of coffee (3C) summing up to 30 units of satisfaction. To find the value of one cup of coffee (C), we simply divide the total by the number of cups: C = 30 / 3, which gives us C = 10.
  2. C + 2B = 20 In the next equation, we’re invited to enjoy a cup of coffee (C) alongside not one, but two succulent burgers (2B), creating a grand total of 20 units of deliciousness. To find the value of one burger (B), we subtract the value of the cup of coffee from the total and divide by 2: B = (20 – C) / 2, which simplifies to B = (20 – 10) / 2, resulting in B = 5.
  3. B + 2F = 9 Now, let’s savor the taste of a mouthwatering burger (B) accompanied by not one, but two servings of crispy French fries (2F). The equation tantalizes us with a total of 9 units of scrumptiousness. To find the value of one serving of French fries (F), we follow the same steps as before: F = (9 – B) / 2, which simplifies to F = (9 – 5) / 2, giving us F = 2.

With our mathematical appetites satisfied, we arrive at the final equation:

B + F × C = ? But wait, on closer look, there are two French Fries on line 3 of the equation, but just one on the last line! This means that we need to use F = 1 and NOT F = 2!

Let’s put the final pieces together. We know that C = 10, B = 5, and F = 1.

So, we substitute these values into the equation: B + F × C = 5 + 1 × 10. BODMAS (or PEMDAS) tells us that we need to do the multiplication operation first before going to the addition. So, we have 5 + 10 = 15.

There we have it, dear mathematical gourmets! The final answer is 15. So, the mathematical flavors of coffee, burgers, and French fries have combined to bring us a delightful total of 15. Bon appétit!

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