What has a bottom at the top?

What has a bottom at the top?


What has a bottom at the top?


Your legs


Hey guys! Get ready for another brain teaser that will keep you on your toes. The question at hand is, “What has a bottom at the top?” Let’s delve into this delightful puzzle and unveil the answer together.

Now, when we hear the word “bottom,” our minds typically conjure up images of something at the lowermost part, the base, or the end of an object. But this riddle takes a whimsical twist, challenging our assumptions and turning things upside down, quite literally!

So, my curious companions, what could possibly have a bottom at the top? The answer lies within your very own physique. Yes, you’ve guessed it—your legs!

Think about it for a moment. When you’re standing upright, your legs are indeed positioned at the bottom of your body, providing stability and support. However, in the context of this riddle, as you look down from the top, your legs are now at the uppermost part of your field of vision, seemingly having a “bottom at the top.”

Oh, the playful nature of riddles, toying with our perceptions and challenging our expectations! This riddle reminds us to approach problems with an open mind and embrace the unexpected.

So, my clever friends, the answer to this delightful conundrum is your legs, which, when viewed from above, have a “bottom at the top” of your visual field.

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