The shorter I am, the bigger I am

The shorter I am, the bigger I am


The shorter I am, the bigger I am. What am I?




Ah, the enigmatic nature of riddles continues to captivate us! Brace yourselves for another mind-boggling challenge that will leave you pondering. Our quest begins with the question, “The shorter I am, the bigger I am. What am I?” Let’s embark on this journey of riddle-solving together and discover the answer that lies within the depths of our thoughts.

As we dive into this perplexing riddle, we encounter an intriguing relationship between length and size. The clue suggests that as something becomes shorter, it paradoxically becomes bigger. How can this be? Where do we find such a peculiar phenomenon?

The answer to this conundrum lies within our own emotions and inner world. The solution to this riddle is none other than our very own temperament, the disposition of our feelings and moods.

Consider this: When we say someone has a “short temper,” we imply that their patience or tolerance is limited, that they become easily agitated or provoked. In this context, the word “short” refers to a lack of length or endurance. However, the impact of a short temper is quite the opposite—it becomes magnified, making the person seem larger than life in terms of their emotional reactions.

So, my inquisitive companions, the answer to this captivating riddle is our temperament, which, contrary to physical dimensions, becomes bigger as it grows shorter.

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