Which vehicle gets to the finish line?

Which vehicle gets to the finish line?


Which vehicle gets to the finish line?


Vehicle B


(An image is shown after the explanation)

Rev up your engines and get ready for a thrilling race! In this exhilarating puzzle, we’ve lined up 5 speedy vehicles, each vying for victory in a tangled web of drive paths. Your mission is to identify the one and only vehicle that successfully reaches the finish line.

Study the intricate patterns carefully, for this is no ordinary race. The drive paths are designed to test your wits and challenge your spatial awareness. Each car’s trajectory appears to interlace with the others, making it a real mind-bender.

Now, let’s unveil the triumphant vehicle. Drumroll, please… The one and only car that emerges victorious is none other than Vehicle B! Yes, you heard it right. While the other cars’ paths may lead them back to their starting positions, Vehicle B cunningly navigates through the maze and arrives triumphantly at the finish line, as shown below.

So, as the other cars rev their engines in defeat, Vehicle B takes the checkered flag and claims its well-deserved victory. Marvel at the ingenious design and take pride in your astute observation as you identify the triumphant car. Congratulations, you’ve mastered the puzzle like a true race champion!

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