Which will fill first?


Figure out which cup gets filled first


Cup number 13 gets filled first. (The flow image is shown after the explanation)


At first glance, it might seem logical to assume that cup number 10, positioned at the bottom, would be the first to fill. After all, it’s right there at the base, so why wouldn’t it be the one to receive the liquid first?

However, as you take a closer look at the scenario and the accompanying image (shown below), you’ll notice something intriguing. Some of the cups have pipes that are blocked at their entrance. The blocked pipes include cups 9, 11, 12, and yes, even 10 – the one that might seem like the obvious choice. In the world of this puzzle, these blocked pipes disrupt the expected flow of liquid.

So, which cup is free from any pipe obstructions and will receive the liquid before the others? The answer is cup number 13.

This puzzle is a fun exploration of the unexpected twists and turns that can arise in visual challenges. It reminds us that sometimes, the most apparent solution may not be the correct one, and a careful examination can reveal surprising outcomes. Enjoy the journey of visual puzzles in this engaging article format.

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