What is 4500?

What is 4500


Studying the pattern, what is 4500?




Are you ready for a fun and challenging quiz that will test your number recognition skills? Look closely at the image and analyze the given numbers to arrive at the final answer. Here’s the quiz:

For each given number in the image, there’s a corresponding value assigned to it. Here are the given number-value pairs:

8898 = 7
4566 = 2
1203 = 1
4566 = 2
5464 = 1
7774 = 0
1003 = 2
9856 = 4
8764 = 3

Now, for the final question: what is the value that corresponds to the number 4500? Take a moment to examine the number and note down your observations.

The key to solving this quiz lies in identifying the number of circles present in each given number. Take each digit in the number, count the circles present in it, and total up the circle count for each digit in the number. Once you have the total number of circles, you can match it with the corresponding value in the image to get your final answer.

So, let’s apply this method to the number 4500. In this number, there are a total of 2 circles- one in each 0. According to the given pairs, the value that corresponds to 2 circles is 2. Therefore, the answer to this quiz is 2.

This quiz is a great exercise in number recognition and helps develop your attention to detail. It also shows how a systematic approach is required to solve complex problems. We hope you enjoyed this quiz and had a great time testing your skills!

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