Which one doesn’t belong?

Which one doesnt belong


Which one doesn’t belong?


Square A


This puzzle presents us with four square boxes labeled A, B, C, and D. Each box is divided into 16 smaller squares, and these squares are colored in various ways, including green, purple, blue, and white. The caption poses the question, “Which One Doesn’t Belong?”

As we examine the four squares closely, our initial inclination might be to focus on the uniqueness of B, C, or D. They appear different or out of place compared to the others. However, if we shift our perspective and pay attention to the distinct characteristics of each square, a subtle pattern emerges.

Let’s break it down. We can clearly describe B, C, and D with one simple sentence each, but A has no way of identifying it.

Still in doubt? Here we go:

  • Square B is the only square with 2 white squares in it, (or) it is the only one with 3 purple squares!
  • Square C is the only square with just one blue square, (or) it is the only one with 4 white squares!
  • Square D is the only square with the green squares not forming a square!

Now, let’s consider Square A. What sets it apart? Here’s the twist: Square A does not possess any defining features that distinguish it from the others. It lacks the unique qualities found in B, C, and D. Therefore, we can conclude that Square A is the odd one that doesn’t belong.

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The puzzle challenges us to think beyond the obvious and explore the subtle nuances of each square. By carefully observing the characteristics and differences, we can identify the square that deviates from the pattern established by the others.

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